High School

High School

Most high school courses are taught with traditional classroom instruction.  A few classes may be taught by guided independent study or a combination of classroom instruction and partial independent study.   Courses are taught in 50 minute sessions throughout the school year.   Special arrangements can be made for students transferring from schools with semester/block classes.  Most courses can be taken as an Honors course, which requires additional assignments and expectations of the student.  An Honors course adds 1 quality point to the final grade.  Seniors are required to complete a Community Service Internship of their choice as their senior project.

Graduation requirements meet and exceed the minimum admission requirements for the 16 universities of the University of North Carolina.  An individual university may have an additional requirement specific to that university.

NGCA also participates in Randolph Community College’s Career and College Promise program where high school juniors and seniors can earn up to 44 credits toward an associate degree which can also transfer to a four-year college or university.  Tuition is free for these courses, however, there may be textbook and/or lab fees.

High School Curriculum

Saxon – Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Advanced Math
A Beka – Consumer Math, US History
Glencoe/McGraw-Hill –Government, World History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Christian Schools International (CSI) – Environmental Science
Purposeful Design by ACSI – Health
Holt – Language
Easy Grammar – Language
Understanding the Times – Philosophy & Ethics
Various Novels

Positive Action – Bible



Miss Stout’s Supply List (2019-2020)


High School Grad Requirements