Tech Lab & Library

 Computer Lab
Computer classes are taught weekly.  NGCA has a lab containing 16 computers.  Keyboarding skills are taught, expanding knowledge with each grade level.  Microsoft Word is used to create documents.  Building a Power Point presentation is learned through creative projects.  Microsoft Excel is also taught through applications.  All of the skills presented are on the student’s grade level.  Various games are used in the lower grades to strengthen phonics, reading and math skills.  A child’s specific needs can be targeted during “computer time,” a favorite time of the week.
The Library offers students a ready source of books on each grade level to encourage reading at home in order to strengthen their reading skills, increase their knowledge of the world around them, and to expand their imaginations.  Each elementary class has a weekly session with the librarian who loves to read to them and discuss available books, all to enhance their love for reading and learning.  Always watching from the corner nearby or top of the bookself is Clifford, the Big Red Dog!